Topical Videos

Tetra Algae Control Demonstration
In this video, we demonstrate the Tetra Algae Control product to clear up the algae that is making our fish tank green. Our tank has a very bad case of green ...

How to Control Algae Growth in Ponds
Algae growth becomes a problem for many pond owners during the springtime. Here's everything you need to know about managing algae and achieving the ...

5 Myths About Algae Control
There are many myths to what works for controlling algae in ponds. Here are a few of the common one's and advice on how you can get your pond clean.

Algae how to control, stop and prevent it in your reef tank
In this episode I talk about how I control algae in my reef tank. Why I don't do water changes on my reef tank

Pond & Lake Algae Control
Learn how to control algae in your pond or lake by identifying the type of algae and selecting the proper treatment.